Careing less at a older age

After my 30’s I changed I started thinking there wasn’t anything I could do. The world would just take care of its self. And the people I know would never change. And that was enough to let go of feelings I couldn’t use . and it helped.


A 50 year old told me that life gets less dramatic the older you get. Im starting to think she was right, im gonna be 30 soon and im starting to care less about everything. I might just go back to gaming and my usual life instead of worrying about the worst things. With schizophrenia, everything seems dramatic but now i kinda see what shes saying.

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I think this is so true. When you are young, everything is a crisis: the car won’t start, no money to fix it, the babysitter called in sick, you have to get to work and you’re late, too much month at the end of the money, you’re madly in love with someone and they don’t return the feelings, etc…etc…etc…

Now you’re 59 years old and all that chaos is gone. Your life is running as smoothly as a glass mirror. And it’s a zillion times better.

yep. glad my 30’s gone. the older i get the less ■■■■ i give

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