Care To Read My Story?

Here is part of my story. I thought this is one side that has to be heard too.

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I would love to have people start a conversation on what I have written.

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What Does it Mean to “wag a toe”?.

The big toe in our foot is not meant to move much. This is about the life of a big toe that managed to wag.

Very Interesting.

Don’t Wag That Toe Too Much,

Someone Might Get Troubled… :expressionless:

I think that the only person who is troubled is me. Wagging the toe is a way to get to be at peace.

Remember to Stay Calm And Rest The Toe When The Time is Right

Care to have a read at toethatwagged on blogspot??

Of Course, I’ll Get to it Soon Enough

Kinda Busy at The Moment

:+1: Thanks for your time.

How do I find the blog? I couldn’t find a search in blogspot.

toethatwagged dot blogspot dot com.

The forum restricts links.

I read the first post, I also withdrew from all friends. I like how you described the feedback amplifier. All alone you lose feedback and it’s way different to deal with stuff.

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What you have read is the last post in the series. I have done I think 7 or 8 posts in total.

The withdrawal has to with the silent way that people treat people with afflictions. They do not say it out in your face, but the implied meanings cannot but be taken note of. They you tend to avoid such folks. Its a cycle. Thus I used the feedback system to describe the situation.

Hello. I had to remove the link to your blog. Advertising for offsite communication is against the rules, sorry.



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