Cardiovascular risk remain high in schizophrenia with modest improvements in bipolar disorder during past decade

Atypical antipsychotics cause this…its better than eps.

Lamictal was approved off label as a mood stab., and, I reckon, there was a bit of a lag before psychiatrists started pxing it more, so…yeah, also psychmtr. ag. can get you on your feet.

Uff da, oy vey.

I think also ziprasidone…?

And maybe mood stabs. mean lower doses of aps over time…when youve got the mood drugs in there…


I test my fasting blood sugar once per month using one of the small testers used by diabetics. Planning to switch APs when it gets to prediabetic levels. Currently on 5mg olanzapine only.

Gee, I wonder why.:roll_eyes: