Cardiologists are arrogant

I’ve been crying so much today that it caused a migraine.

Finally got ahold of the on call cardiologist Tuesday night and I couldn’t believe how rude he was. I tried to explain to him that someone at the office told me they couldn’t do the preauth because I hadn’t been seen by my own cardiologist yet and it was a different one who did the TTT and diagnosed me with POTS. So they weren’t going to send in a preauth for Corlanor till me next appointment. But I really don’t want to wait till April 27th. I’ve been passing out often and just freaked out everyone at work because I collapsed on Monday morning. When I told the on call cardiologist this he yelled at me and said “who told you that?!” I tried to explain it was someone at their office I didn’t know who and he was like “I am THE cardiologist and I know this practice and NO ONE would have told you that! That’s not how this works!” I tried to tell him that I thought it was the pharmacy tech and he just interrupted me “time out time out you’re not listening to what I’m saying. I’m telling you there’s no way anyone told you that.” At that point I just broke down crying because SOMEONE did tell me that and I obviously still haven’t gotten my meds so something clearly is going on. He was very unhelpful, I cried so much after that phone call, I feel so defeated. I cannot go another 5 weeks passing out every other day. I just started swimming for exercise on the recommendations the one who diagnosed me, and it seems like it’s making things even worse for my HR.

Then I just passed out this morning while doing my hair getting ready for work and I had to miss work today because of it. :disappointed_relieved: I’m afraid I’m going to get fired from missing so much work, but there’s nothing that can be done.

It sounds like you need a patient’s advocate. They’re very helpful but I’m not sure how you get one

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If you go to the hospital, they should advocate for you.


you would think theyd be more compassionate and kind considering the average salary for cardiologists is almost $500k.

You’re generalizing particular. How many cardiologist you have consulted with?

One you meet was obviously full of himself. Not everyone.

@Pandy might have some pearls of wisdom for this situation. Maybe others who consult a cardiologist regularly.

Maybe have second opinion. Change doctor? It is easier said than done. But still.

Yes I know I’m generalizing. I know not all cardiologists are like this but there are many who are.

I finally got called back from my cardiologist who did my tilt table test and got a new medication called it so that’s good at least.

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