Cardinals or Cowboys

Who you got? I’m going with the cards.

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cowboys, andy dalton will shine lol. he’s actually not bad when he has time to throw.

He had some good years in cincy. Kyler Murray is a beast though.

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yeah kyler murray is a fun player.

He’s like a RB at the QB position. Very fast and agile!

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I don’t know much about the Cardinals. but the Cowboys quarterback injured his ankle right? So, I have a hunch the Cardinals will win.

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yeah he got hurt last week. i just turned it on, i forgot it was on tonight and larry fitzgerald just made a catch, i didn’t even know he was still playing. he’s been around forever. maybe you are right, cardinals look pretty good right now.

What are the Cardinals record? By the way did you see the game where Rivers came back from 17 points behind, and they won the game. I saw the highlights.

Andy Dalton is a good replacement. He’s no Dak though. I expect it to be a competitive game. Kyler probably rushes for 80 and throws 250. If he can do that Cardinals win. We shall see how Andy Dalton does.

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Fitz is definitely a hall of famer. I’m a homer and think Calvin Johnson is better. I hope he gets into the hall of fame.

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yeah i had calvin johnson on my fantasy team one year, he was always a consistent performer.

He made some incredible catches too. Stafford to Johnson was damn near unstoppable.

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I saw Calvin Johnson play in person, he was huge! It was a long time ago, but I think he played for Georgia Tech.


Nice! I went to the game where he broke the receiving yards record.

That’s nice………15151515

I think we were behind a pole lol. I’ve found basketball to be the most exciting sport to watch live.

Zeke’s fumbled it twice already!!

Kyler Murray is a cheat code.

I don’t know :woman_shrugging:. I don’t even watch basketball :basketball:
Jk. One of my old friends at my old church likes the Cowboys so I guess I’ll go with them but I don’t understand football :football:

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