Cardiac Scars and Chemical Stains

Cardiac Scars and Chemical Stains

I live in a Kentucky Fried Movie.
Talking MoJo Nixons,
Sprecking Upside Downs.
Twitter Salvador Golly Staires.

There is metro gnominclutter basket ball net-zoo,
where you can do drive buys,
on the corner of edge wood and bull duram,
filters in the gutter, right next to the “wild animal”
en-cloistered naked pale wage slave monkeys enclosure.

Meander Mes and Use.
Drum Sticks Beating on the Nylon skin of Plastic Shamans,
Dash because your bored,
Saints of our Fat Mamma OCD.

They condemned an apartment building,
put a chain link fence around it,
Simply because the zoo didn’t have Canadian sportos,
the residents were considered: Un-sportsman like.

As The Official Mad Hatter,
He gave the order, distribute the supply of pigeon sized,
32 oz Malt Liquor MAGA hats,
to kill off the remains of the working class pigeons.

The establishment of “What is your label and our lie ability?” sites.
Are you in pain? There is re-packaged meth, coccain, or heroine.
If anyone asks you, blow pot smoke in their face.
Its all the same. Spooning for a corporate ex-mass.

Down by Exetor and Lampson,
in the public library,
A Child Lies Down In the Snow Room,
They only try to wake her, to make her move away.
Her silencing speaks volumes.

To Call Home and Find Liberty,
Where kids don’t fry their brains.
A Soteric House of Peers and Friends,
rented to exorcise the Cardiac Scars and Chemical Stains.

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