Card for my dad for Father’s Day

Freaking Brooklyn nets lost tonight so I made my dad an appropriate card


Heart felt and cool. I think it will go over well! I’d imagine if you had a printing press you could sell a million at this moment! Perhaps a side hustle for you :slight_smile:


Even with my stick figures??? Lol :joy: I think it’s a nice touch actually

I wrote “jon mark” on the back. Cuz my dads name is Hal. And he always writes halmark instead of hallmark on his homemade cards


Mate…I think with the stick figures it would be a cool idea. I won’t steal it but doing adult humor/commentary with children like art…You’d make an empire, move to LA and live the life of Riley! :slight_smile:


That’s brilliant !

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Hahaha thats great man! Im sure hell get a kick out of it

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