Carbs in moderation?

Who doesn’t? I woke up this week looking and feeling better than last week. That’s a big enough win to keep me going for the next week.


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Yeah my weight loss hasn’t been fast enough for me to even consider 50lbs a successful win however I’m losing weight

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Your scratch and win gave you a hundred grand and you’re pissed that it wasn’t a million bucks? d0000000000d. Enjoy the hundred grand.




Congratulations on losing 50 lbs. You’re going in the right direction.

You have to keep things in proportion. A person who weighs 800 lbs (most weigh over 600 lbs) can lose 100 lbs very quickly primarily because that’s a 12.5% weight loss, and about 60% of our weight is water. If you weigh 250 lbs, and lose 12.5%, you’ll weigh 218.5 lbs.