Carbo loading....I deserve it!

So had a busy end of week with the old guy I help out being busy I’ve basically have completed all the work on preparing our turf cricket wicket. Did a good job and it’s not a bad looking wicket. Should play good and I’m proud my skills are up to a standard to make things happen…it’s a lot about controlling moisture and some other tricks/skills…

So playing tomorrow afternoon and stuff it. I’m going to order some pizza in and do some carbo loading. Running around in the sun tomorrow should be cool and I think I deserve a little treat for a job well done!

Yay me! It’s a pizza party! ( here is my work! )


I love cricket so much

When I was younger I used to watch the Ashes.

If I knew anyone at the local cricket club I would go, but I would struggle with getting to know people.

Such a great thing for you to be active in a community with other people. I am pleased for you!



Sweet. :slight_smile:

May your side win! And well done for giving them a high quality effort

Awesome stuff !!!

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Thanks peeps. Still playing and holding my own at 50. One of the few things I can compete with others on an even basis of my skill vs yours. I still open the batting in the bottom grade and I do pretty good!

Hey @rogueone Do You Still Go to That Olde Schizophrenic Forum?.

I Remember Seeing You There a Long, Long Time Ago.

I’m Sure You Remember Me.

When Did You Become a Moderator?.


DJ Nosferatu Bat Beam (sleepoptimistic)
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Which forum? I’ve been around this concern since 1999. I would probably know your old nick though…I came onboard to help a while ago. Not sure when but been doing it a while…Time flies when your not having fun…

You Don’t Remember The One Site Jason Was in Charge of?.


It Was Like The Center of Internet Schizophrenic Magic.

Jason Deleted His Site After I Released My Album on it.

You Were There All The Time. Not Jason’s. But!, The Other One.



Have a Great Morning, Noon, Afternoon, Evening, And or Nite!.


DJ Nosferatu Bat Beam (sleepoptimistic)
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I remember another one…got chased off that for stuff bleeding from here. I have pretty much kept my user name across a number of MI concerns…honestly. That was years ago. Things change. Don’t get hung up on the small stuff…Sz people often do.

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