Car test once a year

Im off for the car test

I hope it passes

Its a SEAT Leon 05’


No idea what this means but good luck!

Is it a practical driving test or a theory? We do one test and we are good for life…or until a medical condition…or is this your car? I’m confused but interested!

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My van failed its test yesterday. I need a new front suspension coil spring.

The garage that did the test quoted me £210 + taxes. A guy I know is doing it for £65 including taxes!

when i live in mo.usa we had state car inspections it was 35 plus the work and parts done on the car. one year i thought the car wasnt worth it, but by the time i got to the shop, it was to late 1,200. i drove i another year.

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We also do inspection once a year. My old car used to fail because of the wipers every year, and I would have to replace them with more terrible cheap wipers that lasted a year. Mr. Star convinced me to buy the expensive wipers one year, and they still are on the car 5 years later after I sold it to my oldest.


I had that car. Well mum did. It was a grey sports car.

I also have a seat.

What do you mean? Do you mean you’re taking it in to be inspected and given a tune up?

Its a car test, they check to see once a year if your car is fit for the road, they check everything in the car

Mine failed on a hole in the exhaust so ive 28 days to fix it, once its fixed they certifife the car is road worthy and I can drive it knowing everything is up to scratch

it cost 55 euro for the test

I will fix the hole in the exhaust myself


I had to have the Fiero inspected last summer because it’s a 1988. I just put Vlad the Impala back on the road for the weekend while my wife is gone with the other vehicle and my insurer wanted an inspection. I told them to get stuffed because it’s a 2018. They backed down. The advantage of being a broker is that you can email an underwriter directly and say, “LOOK…”

Here it is state law that you can’t drive a car with an expired inspection. They don’t want people getting into major wrecks and killing others with their self-modded death traps.

Inspections are only required in certain situations. Newer vehicles aren’t subject to inspections for roadworthiness. Vlad does have a few mods, but the insurance company isn’t overly concerned about those. (Performance chip, custom programming, two extra fuel injectors, and a slight mod to the front steering to cancel out the increased torque steering.) Mods were done professionally and came with 2 yrs warranty.

This was the algorithm in BluePass being stupid and the underwriter being dumber.

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