Car Horns freaking me out

I’ve lived in my building maybe somewhat more than six months I’m not sure and I’m not sure when it started but there seems to be a custom of tapping one’s car horn as they pass by my complex. It freaks me out a little not knowing why this is happening. There is nothing I can think of that would make any sense of this and I’m well familiar with the area as it’s home turf. I haven’t asked anyone, I’d feel awkward asking as it’s an odd question, why do people beep as they pass by and as I don’t know anyone here (someone just did for something like the sixth time today)

It makes no sense, nothing happened here, there are no signs, all it is, is a road approaching a bridge to the next town over. It happens day and night and the one person I mentioned it to suggested that it was because an artist lives across the street, that didn’t make sense.

It’s probably some sort of joke-like thing that caught on, if it’s really related to the artist who lives there. It’s still really disrespectful behavior to randomly honk car horns outside an apartment complex, though.

Well, there could be multiple reasons that you may never know or figure out. There could be a very simple reason why these cars honk their horns. When I was in high school my friend used to drive us to school in his mothers car. When it came time to pick me up he would honk his horn and when I heard his horn I would come out and he would drive us to school. And I’m sure my neighbors could hear the honk.

Maybe you’re thinking that there is something sinister or mysterious or weird going on with this honking. But I doubt it’s a plot to bug you, it probably has nothing to with you. It could be kids fooling around or something. I can think of three or four scenarios off of the top of my head to explain the honking but I can’t know for sure what’s going on.

You might want to casually mention it to your apartment manager. If you ask them, you could say it humorously even. Say something like, “Geez, why do all these people honk when they pass by?” Or say, “Hey did anyone else say anything about the honking”? Don’t make a big deal about it if you ask your manager. Just kind of slip it into the conversation.

When my family moved into our apartment when I was in fifth grade, the train tracks ran behind our apartment, about 75 feet away.
For ten years, one or two trains would pass by every day. We could hear it’s horn when it was two hundred feet away because it had to cross a road. Then we would hear the rumble of the train itself. It was pretty loud but we got used to it and didn’t even bother us after a few months. So maybe you can just accept these cars blowing their horns. It’s harmless and it could have a very simple explanation for it.