Car accident

My partner got into an accident, she was told to go directly to work not stop. But she stopped somewhere and slid taking a wide turn and crashed into a ford focus. Her parents don’t think insurance will cover it and think she should file bankruptcy on the accident and other past debts.

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I’m sorry to hear this, cbbrown. Just hope the insurance will cover it. I guess filing bankrupcy on accident is not easy.

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So sorry to hear it @cbbrown! I hope she is ok. I think she should try to get it paid for through insurance. I know that the rates could hike because of the accident, but if it wasn’t her fault, then surely they would not go up too much, right? It sounds like an accident, not recklessness.

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I went through bankruptcy in 2010. It cost me $1000 to do, but I did it because I had 30k in medical debt along with some credit card debt that was discharged. A Chapter 7 bankruptcy stays on a credit report for ten years, so I really don’t recommend it. It’s really a last resort, not an option you take unless there are no other options. I don’t know your partner’s financial situation, but yeah, it’s not a good idea unless there are no other options.

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Its what my inlaws are doing for their debt which is quite a bit. They think the damage to the new car she hit will be like 6,000 dollars to repair

Go through insurance! That’s what it’s for.

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If your partner has insurance, her insurance will cover the damage to the other car. Even without having collision coverage. Having collision coverage would also cover the damage to her car, but even if all she has is bare minimum coverage it will still cover the damage to the other car, just not the damage to your partner’s car.

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you said new car.

i dont know about your state, but here, full coverage is required on all cars that payments are still owed.

That person likely has full coverage, as i think it is common now but am not 100% certain.

The persons full coverage will catch it. Then that persons insuance company will get reimbursed from your insurance company.

Ot-oh, Are you saying she had no insurance at all? Minimum coverage required these days is about $25,000 for liability only type of coverage.

A for f**k-us is only an $18,000 car at max, right? If you have liability only and it is worth $25,000 - then that would leave about $7,000for hospital bills. Shell be ok if she had liability .

Did the other person get hurt?go to doctor?ambulance?

Hopeful not one thise people who throw the door open, flop down on the pavement rollingaround yelling, while doing a lot if mental math? i truly hate those people.

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I don’t think in an accident that you have to pay out to the other cars owner more money than the cars worth. I’m rusty on this point so I’m not sure. But I think if the Blue Book value of a car is $2000 dollars and you hit it and cause $6000 in damages I don’t think that you are liable for more than the the Blue Book value (whatever that is). I think that the other car would be considered “totaled”. (I made up the figures)

My partner and the other person were not hurt just pissed my partner is afraid to drive now at least until the insurance covers the damages

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