Caption Contest Oct 4th

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Poor Frank tried everything to get better TV reception at the cottage.


Look kids…Daddy’s a sprinkler!!

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Pixel looking for his truck keys :closed_umbrella:

Scottish breakdancing.


An emergency landing by a SpaceEx test pilot.

Man that plane crash was something else and I’ve got one hell of a headache.

@firemonkey looking up underground sz research papers

@mjseu falling off his bicycle without his fur helmet!

That’s me burying my nice hat…

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Frank heard that yoga helped people with schizophrenia. He should have read what yoga is first before trying it though.

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The day when the world turned upside down

and we started singin Y M C A !!

What Canadians do, just because they can - lol

:notes:with youre feet in the air and youre head on the gro-ound, try this trick and spin it, yeah​:notes:

:notes:where is my mind where is my mind whe-ere is my mind​:notes:

Steve learned breakdancing from the true masters – the ostriches.

this is a costest…?

Jack planted the magic beans and was surprised at the result.

See no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil, do no evil

Henry’s real parents abandoned him in the wild where a savage band of ostriches raised him as a feral child. He had a good set of new parents but the problem solving skills they taught him by example left much to be desired.

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