Caption contest 6/8/16


And the two un-attractive, genius dog walkers prove that they still got it.

“The math nerds Car Ring”

George and Harold planned this caper for 7 years. But the next day they felt guilty about it and told Father Guisepe their crime in confession.

He just laughed and laughed and told them, “Neither of you numnuts will ever, ever win. Never. So give up and go home and sit on your thumbs and say 15 “Hail Mary’s” each for a week at high noon.You will NEVER win. NEVER. NEVER. NEVER. NEVER.”
“And in case I am not making myself clear, here it is again. :You will never win. NEVER… EVER… NEVER…EVER”.

And so Robert, the newest member of the University’s math fraternity,was hazed into vandalizing his favorite math professor’s car to prove allegiance to their fraternal order.