Caption Contest 3

'can’t stop here. this is bat county"

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“This thing is giving me a headache but boy, it sure smells good”.

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“Ain’t I adorable”?

“Damn, next time I go shopping for a hat I’m not going to let that salesman talk me into anything”.

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“Screw everybody, my girlfriend likes it on me and that’s all that counts”.

Think I should rethink letting my mum still buy my clothes.


“Crap, I only get AM on this damn thing”.

“oh yea, this thing has a hemi”

WTF are you looking at punk? You’re just jealous

It’s none of your business but if you really want to know, I lost a bet…

I can see around corners too!

How can you think being so near to power lines doesn’t cause mutations? These things on my head weren’t here 5 mins ago!

…and the winner’s are…

tobornottob12b!! and animalchin WOOT!!


This way, I’ll never know which way the sound is coming from! Genius!

I have to know what he is staring at.

When hearing what is on the left side in the right ear and vice versa I should , just should be able to walk backwards in time.