Caption Contest 13

Lesson one - beginners computing - megabyte or gigabyte?


It’s always hard adjusting to society when you’ve grown up with wolves.


“Hooking up on the internet.”

Shes handicapable

Newsflash: Obama Care is now offering full dental plans with the purchase of every laptop computer

Jane did not realize others were talking about the music genre when they said metal was amazing.

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Giving head via Skype

“Goddamn this new security logon is frustrating”

After the fields died out she had no choice

When humans are raised by goats

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It bit me first! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Shes a country girl

New meaning to metal mouth

Women are smarter than men

She likes it hard, with high speed, and plenty of gigbytes.

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She is addicted to the internet, the computer has her doing favors for free wifi.

The realities of evolution.

You should see here try and reach the space bar

Love at first byte.

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