Caption Contest 12

The Abilify made Fred a little stiff in the morning.

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Hemorrhoids + broken legs + daily subway rides = very strong arms.

Being a white businessman from Chicago never stopped Fred from his dream of trying to make the Jamaican bobsledding team.

This isn’t really a caption. It’s funny though that most of the people don’t even care. The construction guy seems impressed though.

the jedi do exist…AARRhhhhhhhh !.
take care :alien:

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Tuesdays is arms and back. Ohhhh it’s a deep burn. It’s so deep

Despite numerous protests from his wife, (someone finish for me)…

That clumsy Indian guy by the door accidently pushed over the basket that was holding his two pet cobras and this mans thinking “Just what I needed today” “snakes on a train”.

“those kids get me every day with the superglue jokes!”

It’s ok everyone, he just saw Caption Contest 5!

Fred is convinced that it is his brute strength which prevents the bullet train from flying off that little, skinny rail.

Create a diversion so the man in the green shirt can make the pick up.