Captain jack sparrow

i look like captain jack sparrow today, i have an eye patch on my left eye, after going pyschotic for the last few days, i then get headaches in my left eye, yyyyeeeeeaaaahhhhhhh !?!
" anyone seen the black pearl…!?!
take care


First the spaceship and now a pirate ship. You’re hogging all the toys man.


dont take the unicorn. I call the unicorn.

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Darketh headache I command you to remove thyself from thee left orbit-Be gone NOW!!
…sending happy moons and stars to softly sing a sweet lullaby that replaces where the dark pressure was hanging around your head.

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The stargate is MINE!

And so is THIS!

I have other “toys” too…hehehehe.

I can only show one tho…

Funny thing is I am near a secret govt base and if they wanna leave their toys in their back yard, I wanna play too!

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I’ll have a minion please.



I posted this HERE, and it rerouted to the other thread? Ok, wanna play? See, THEY did that, deliberately…

In case anyone thought I was kidding

Please don’t try and hide your EMF/ELF tower behind a house in the woods.

Yes, I understand the silo was decommissioned long ago…why is this still active? Building ye a spaceship are we? We have seen it or them…

Ah geez…ye had to fly it during the day?

Oh please, ye did it again?

Like, no wonder folk like Snowden run off with thousands of NSA files…you kids do not know how to bring your toys in the house at night!
Mommy said bring toys in but daddy says its ok to leave them out and dont listen to Mommy.

And kids will play…

dismantles bookshelf, places plank out window to tree, scurries out and down and goes out into neighbors yard to find magical toys…’* hehehe.
there IS a real message here … smile

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i thanketh thee, Wondrous One.
take care

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dark sith can be seen at the intergalactic space toy store, filling his space cargo ship with all the best toys…hahahahahahaha…they are all mine !!
take care

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I call NASA’s new Starship concept.

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If you look like Johnny Depp on these days, give me a call… :wink:

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They are kinda making a Star Trek Enterprise design…?? But I know those side pods are not warp drive nacelles…
It is a primitive starship looking back in time from Star Trek tho…

there are couple similar in here…

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