Capitalisic resenable goals

there are thing in life you may be missing out on. like owning a house , car boat plane, kids wife etc.
maybe a vacation to the sea. or a country drive out to see were your folks grow up. there are tips on how to plan things like these on the internet , but how to make your money grow so you can do all these things you would like is out of reach in most part. ssi and ssd may not count on you having a grosebased income. from stocks bonds and under the table jobs . the dream is cut off for loans that bank highly on normal people, and none on the mental ill. by not raseing the cost of things we would never get more money, and that my friend is wrong.

I don’t want a wife or kids :scream:

If I didn’t have schizophrenia, I could have ended up with them.

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