Canuck Thanksgiving

Happy Canuck (Canadian) Thanksgiving to everyone. Have spent the day eating too much turkey. Visited the in-laws and am now back home with the family. I’m making a fuss over the cat or she’s making a fuss over me. We’re still deciding on that. I’m decompressing after jacking myself up to deal with a crowd for eleven hours yesterday evening (I handled the sound board before doing the dance).

Edit: Just occurred to me that not everyone knows what I mean by ‘jacking myself up’. I spend an hour listening to Electro House, Techno, Dubstep, and Metal prior to leaving home. I work myself into a minor manic state to overcome my fear of dealing with the public. This always involves me crashing afterwards. Always. My recovery time from this has gone from about a week to just over a day with practice. I’ll be mostly okay by tomorrow morning except for the leftover Haldol junk in my system I used to beat down breakthru symptoms on top of my regular meds.

Hope everyone is having a good weekend.



Yep Canada Is Cool …


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This is unfortunately more along my lines:

Do I understand other people’s jokes? Technically, yes. Do I find them amusing and want to laugh at them myself? The answer is no ninety percent of the time. The other ten percent is me laughing at the wrong part of the joke. Have gotten fairly proficient at faking amusement (need to in order to fit in).

Common conversation around my home…

“What did your father say?”
“Ignore him, dear.”



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