Can't wait for next week

So next week my life finally becomes normal and takes to the form it’s going to hold for the next year… My work schedule will be lined out. 4 consecutive days of work and 3 days off… Pretty sweet schedule. Money should start piling up a bit… Finally figured out the boundaries with this girl I’ve been talking to and seeing… and I’m glad she’s a friend but I’m seriously going to put her out of my mind for a while when she leaves town. She’s a high risk type person and I’m all stable… I’m drawn to her for a lot of reasons and she does respect my solidarity and I know she needs someone like that in her life… but it’s not psychologically healthy for me to be dependent upon her at all… she is the essence of being undependable…

It’s funny though I was a lot like her before. Had to see the dangers of life for myself before I wised up… but I gotta shake the feeling that I’m waiting on her… and unfortunately just go back to searching for someone else… someone stable and more domestic… I do have another girl in mind… but beyond that I’m just going to work on myself.

I’ve drawn a bit in the last couple days. They’re kind of shoddy drawings… Just human forms and armors as concept art for my game… but I’m going to keep at it. Might refine it a bit… making the process take less time at least. Gotta have something to discuss over with the artists…

So I’ve got a lot of hobbies going on now… I can literally just bounce between whatever I want to do… my focus is still shoddy… most of it revolves around the game… Thinking about coding, writing, drawing, modelling, the design process in general, the setting and story arc… then I can play music and work out beyond that. Money is allowing me to experiment with food a bit more…

Whole wheat pasta… hell yeah… Fiber for the win! … and good carbs too…

Fighting for stability at this point is all about learning to live in my mind and be alone… That girl did a lot to help me take my focus off of SZ… but she ain’t the right one… so transitioning away from her I’m going to fill my head with constructive positive stuff… Work, my close friends, caffeine and nicotine (not so positive)…

but that all starts next week… I’ve got a couple days left to strengthen the friendship I have with this girl and I think I’m finally ready to take it on alone without the internal dependency going on…


So happy for you Bryan. :two_hearts:

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That’s great that things are going so well for you! I’m glad of it!

Keep up the positivity.

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good luck… damn it, I should learn from you. I drown in sociopathic misery of lust and enmity.

just keep cracking at what you should be doing right @montreal… you’ll figure it out.

It should be your call who you want… try that enough and you might find the wisdom to know who is good for you as well.

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You’re such a smart person @Azley. You have great insight and I like how you think about and work toward things that are good for you! :heart:


thanks @hedgehog… I mean really that’s appreciated. I’m feeling kind of worn out… but it goes out to everyone on here… you all are the best… I mean I could cry about it right now how awesome the support you all give…

but I’ve obviously hit my days limit and gotta rest because ■■■■ it is too beautifully heavy…


I hope your intellect, insight and creativity is always used for good (to your benefit and well-being) and not evil. Understanding the need for rest is important too. :blush:

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ah I could never hurt anybody… I don’t even ■■■■ lol …

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and you’re a read headed jelly belly who will never have a satisfactory amount of attention because you have a superiority complex

i like you both… will be rooting for both of you…


a tit for a tat… daze is always raging and me no-likey…

I’ve seen pics of your family what would your brother say? If you want something solid be better than an abject leaver and leaver until your age makes you accept.

No idea what he’s talking about, Pixel?

i seent @azley post a Bm
so @daze hit him in the p***s

it goes down in teh forum
it goes down in the forum (it go down , it go down)

You’re one for the ages Bryan never too sure if women are good enough for you. Keep looking in the mirror.

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I masturbate everyday… I guarantee it

I am Patrick Bateman

I’m really confused