Cant think, is it a hard symptom to heal?

hi to all again.
i find that i cant think well. is it hard to heal, to recover from that how do you think? and also, another question - for all these years where i was sick i was good in thinking about some things but really bad for some others. i aim the stabilisation now but does it mean that i should forget the things in which i am good in order to have a happy life? i am not sure if you get this…i mean that rediscovering a new ‘‘me’’ ill be a whole another person and i should get dumber for some things in life or its not like this what i say??
peace people :slight_smile:

somebody? is it hard to heal from abnormal thinking?

You can heal everything. Even abnormal thoughts and emotional trauma. You’ll never be exactly the same but you can make a ‘recovery’ that’s enough to have hope. You can do it; It is possible. Be well!


I don’t think you will need to get ‘dumber’ in some things. It is natural to be better or smarter in some objects than others. I believe you will heal and still maintain your intelligence in those subjects you are best at.
If you find you’re unable to overcome your ways of thinking, just take advantage of the things you are good at thinking of! :slight_smile: maybe you will even find some more of them.


Yet I am aware that I can’t think, therefore I am.

Perhaps I shall not fight for thinking at this time, but simply view the beauty of reality while it is still here.