Can't tell the kids

If you tell the kids their psyches will explode and they will develop problems, big problems.

Which i don’t understand, if you must keep the reality in which they live a secret from them because it’s so very horrible then why would you put them here at all?

Oh right, people are pure shittiness and they don’t give a ■■■■ about their own children, like animals.

My dad told me that the best thing he ever did in his life was having me and my two sisters. I could always depend on him.
Hey, I know I’m very paranoid but the world is not as negative as you make it out to be. And I hate people every now and then but they are not as bad as you say either.


It was good for him, not you.

Thats what parents are really saying, the best thing he ever did for himself was have you guys.

People treat kids like pets and possessions, like my guitar, thats how they talk about their kids.

Would you have done this given a choice?

Well when I was born I was two months premature. I born in a very, very small town (less than 3,000 people) so I was rushed with my mom to one of the bigger hospitals not far from the town. I stayed there for two weeks in the intensive care unit. The doctors didn’t think I was going to make it out of there, my family had the priest come in and read me my last rights and baptize me earlier than most kids getting baptized.

My family has medical history on both sides that could fill a book. While I may have severe depression sometimes wish I were dead, sometimes I may even pray for it, I don’t think I would change what happened. I’ve had bad things happen to me but I’ve had good things happen to me too. If I fell in love with the right guy, and were married to him and we could financially support a child I give it serious thoughts. I may be slightly frightened and uncomfortable with children but in the right situation it could happen. I can’t say no it will never happen, though it’d more than likely not happen.

My grandma had serious health issues (not schizophrenia but other issues). My mom has a couple of serious issues, and I have my own issues. No matter who you are you have issues whether big or small no one’s life is perfect. The only reason you should have a child is out of pure love with your spouse and the realization that this is a precious life you are bringing into this world. They will have their own problems to deal with which may or may not be from heritage. But you never know what that child may bring into this world. It may be one that could solve the hunger crisis, or find the cure for whatever disease her or she may develop in life.

Look at Stephen Hawking, he has such a brilliant mind despite his condition. I don’t think his parents could ever say they regretted bringing him into this world.

They call their children whom they have given suffering and death to precious?

Like a jewel perhaps? Except a jewel that dies of cancer.

Precious never sounded so horrible.

I think all life is precious. Precious, fragile, it could end so abruptly if not handled with proper care and treatment. It could end without warning. It could last for however long it will last. But it is not permanent. It is a precious gift, That is just what I believe.

All that im saying is more people would end this entire thing than not.

I could never consider something so awful to be precious, rotting dying people are very precious, listen to how that sounds for a second, rotting suffering dying people are precious.

And for some reason they end up begging to die, i just don’t understand why at all.

Life is precious in my opinion, but this ■■■■ could never be considered life, and thats exactly what it is and has always been, just ■■■■.

My mother used to say the best thing she ever did was had us kids too.

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He gave me life. It wasn’t his fault that I became schizophrenic. My two sisters have lived great lives. They have not followed the life you describe. My dad raised me comfortably. And when I got sick and I was living in my first group home he was working near me and he would visit me on his lunch break and we would talk for an hour. YOUR life may be as you describe and I realize that there is much suffering, misery and loneliness in the world but you can sit around wallowing in it and project your view of life onto other peoples lives or you can take action and try to make your life better like many people on here try to do.

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