Can't stop thought broadcasting/reading minds

What the hell am I supposed to think when the people around me are doing exactly as I wish of them. Am I crazy? I’ve upped my meds. They doubled them. I am not doing it again so soon. What is happening to us? This is celestial. I refuse to believe it’s anything else. Kick me off the site for my beliefs. The Gods speak.

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You can Google the storm IT really happened at least.

Sorry to break it to you My Dear, but its all in your head. My guess is your anti-psychotics are not working and you need to try a different one. :frowning:

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I like your handwriting


Mine TB almost every second but not everytime I can heard others mind. It’s like one way telepathy & sometime 2 way.

I think we can train our mind to focus positive things.

Please be careful. When I first started experiencing these kinds of delusions, I did not realize they were delusions and I played along. This delayed me getting the help that I really needed, and caused a lot of problems for me because I behave foolishly as a result of my mental illness.

Unless you can communicate with somebody telepathically to the point where they can send you an email that says they hear your voice in their minds, I think you should take the mental illness hypothesis very seriously.

Hearing a lot of things out of control in peoples minds and I relate to,’ what the hell am i supposed to be doing". A lot of out of control BS in my mind too. I identify myself to Jake Lomata the old boxing star who was on the ropes most of his career. That’s what I feel like; sometimes I take a break and start swearing at them. Afterwards the only idea I have is to go back to the last thing that helped. It works but after 18 years of my life flooded with it everyday I’m just a little bit tired of it. But I do go back and nothing much changes the struggle goes on. Jake Lomata had an iron jaw. He could take a punch. But not everyday for 18 years. Sorry kind of negative here too.

I’ve been kick off sites many times for my beliefs, as you tend to get mobbed up more for having a individual viewpoint the hive can’t except that.

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Ever been on reddit, @A77

Thought broadcasting is a pretty common symptom of schizophrenia.

The experiences can take on a metaphysical / miraculous nature until they just get repetitive and annoying. I strongly prefer the normal, reasonable world over the crazy, hallucination-filled, demon haunted one.

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No. is that worst for trolls and entrapment for individual viewpoints

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