Can't stop feeling bad

There are certain triggers that makes me feel bad. Like when thinking about rich and knowledgeable. People who are outspoken. Friendly and jovial. Commanding and controlling. Self righteous and egoistic. I find this common with people around me. Not able to break the shackles and be myself.

It’s hard for sure but be confident in yourself. Who cares what others do if your comfortable with yourself?. Sz will make you second guess yourself. It’ll make you question the basics of your being. Other people are just living. They don’t have our problems…

First. You are a good human being and your worth it. You need to embrace this and learn that not every interaction with others will be positive. Some will be poor but the good ones teach you and you learn. We can always learn.

As we say to a bowler getting smashed in a game of cricket…Chin Up. You keep trying whilst you can.

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