Can't stop crying...don't want to die....being a baby

I don’t know how invasive the surgery will be yet…mom said it is a one day procedure. I keep playing “blue eyes” by elton john, my wife’s song I dedicated to her…and crying , crying, crying…holding her hand a lot and kissing her…i don’t want to lose her…I’ll be alright…just can’t stop crying.


Have you ever had an operation before?


Oh I’m sorry @jukebox
I know everything seems a bit scary but putting in a stent is a rather routine procedure.

You’ll be just fine

Sending hugs)))


I don’t blame you for being upset. I tend to ruminate on the worst possible outcome too.

But as @Wave said, this kind of operation is routine.

Plus you don’t know if you even need it yet.

Do you have any PRN to take to calm you down?


no PRN…I am much better now…it’s like I’m walking through the acceptance steps…next I’ll probably get angry…haha…yes, it is routine, I think it is done without breaking open the rib cage now…that was scaring me to death.

yes, this is my first operation.


You should be back home the same day after the surgery guy.


yes, my mom just told me and got kind of mad at me for getting so upset…she is a no nonsense kind of woman. My step dad had one apparently and I forgot. No breaking the rib cage open obviously…shewee.

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You will be fine.


It will go well, don’t worry. The experts will take care.


after all, my dad was a doctor…I always trust the doctor, some time I used to make my own calls on things. like trying to diet without cholesterol, I demanded the lovastatin. got it…eat what I want…well…errr…wrong…I just realized the heart doctor will probably put me on a heart healthy diet. blech…


Are you getting a stent? Both of my parents have recently gotten stents and it is a very routine procedure. I know it’s still scary to face, and I was scared for my parents, but as silly as it may sound because it concerns the heart, it is a relatively minor procedure. Not like getting your toe nails clipped, but also nowhere near open heart surgery. Dad was home the day after the procedure and my mom was home the same day as the procedure.

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My dad has had well over 20 operations. Each one scares him, I think. He starts making sure we know where his important papers are and such, just in case the worst were to happen. He’s come out fighting each time. I’ve had four surgeries, five if you count a tubal ligation. It’s definitely distressing, so don’t feel bad for being distressed. It IS scary, and it’s okay to feel that.

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