Can't sleep

I can’t sleep so decided to come online and browse the forums

When I was in hospital I used to do the same

Just hope I will not end up psychotic as a result of this


I went with a serious lack of sleep until my dr switched my AP. Turns out Geodon was giving me insomnia

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Zyprexa caused me insomnia and I was still psychotic on it.

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Did it work for your positive symptoms? Is it worse than Haldol?

It was like eating candy. It did nothing. Not even at 240mg

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I Can’t Sleep Either. I Usually Can’t. My Body Settings Keep Me Slightly Wired For About A Three Day Cycle.

Day 1~ Awake

Day 2~ Still Awake

Day 3~ Awake Yet Still, Better Get Some Sleep Before The Universe Gets Mad At Me.

I Don’t Like Sleeping Pills. And None Of Them Work Anyways.

My Body Is Pretty Much Like Iron.

Call Me Iron Man.

No…, Don’t Call Me By That Name…, Like The Ting Ting’s Say, ‘That’s Not My Name’.

And Well…, I’m Not A Woman Either. So. Don’t Look Up That Song.

But!, On Second Thought, Check It Out, It’s A Great Song. . . . . . .


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I managed to get to sleep eventually

I just needed to browse the web for a bit on my laptop


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