Cant sleep

its 4.21 am here in Scotland and i cant sleep the voices are too loud took extra of my medication still the voices are loud
Am meant to be going to walking group today at 11am av been awake for more than 24 hours before so i will be fine
my husband just went to bed …
Av got a mission to do the man on the radio says av got to do it or else my husband dies … i have to go to the train station and get a package the man on the radio say av got to do it
My husband isnt letting me go anywhere without him my sister will be around as well today so ill h av both of them
I love my husband and i dont want him to die
its will be my fault if he does because i havent done this mission
Anyone else up at this time ?

Hi Ella. I actually got some sleep last night. Took shedloads of pills and knocked myself out. Listen ur husband won’t die if u don’t listen to voices I promise u that. They rcjust voices nothing more. How long have they been telling ubu have to collect this package? And what tbh supposed to do with it once uv got it? I guarantee there’ll b no package at the station. Take ur husband with u then and Ull c that there is no package. The voices will then say that it’s bcoz ur husband was there but that won’t b the truth. Listen to me, I’ve had lots of experince with voices and they lie all the time and that’s all they’re doing now. Just lieing. Please don’t believe in them hunni. Xxx

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For sleep try seroquel 25mg. It worked for me today.

I know this probably won’t help much but I just wanted to say that I think your husband will be ok.

im only up really early if I did not take my trazodone.

I think not being able to sleep is the worst thing for schizophrenics. Makes my mind really go psychotic. Just tell your psychiatrist that your not sleeping much. If thats a common problem. I took serequal also for a few months until I got use to sleeping again. Sometimes my voices wake me up right before I fall asleep.

I managed to get some sleep didnt end up at the walking group met my sister in town with my husband
My husband has gone out to get a toilet seat he told me to stay here he is on his way back
I want to go to the train station i need to do my mission .
they have been telling me for a few days to get this package the man on the radio says i have to do it soon