Can't sleep? what to do

my brain feels like it can’t be shut off. I feel like the reason I have this in the first place is because I can’t sleep. haven’t slept in months…only solution is shooting myself?

Suicide is never the only solution…
Maybe talk to your doctor about getting something to help you sleep?
You don’t have to go through it alone


never seen a doc. can’t find one in 215

the one guy I talked to on the phone wanted $260 for first consult

I only have like $70 in my bank lol

Isn’t there a psychiatrist you can talk to?
Maybe buy some over-the-counter melatonin?

Ask about sliding fee scales.

What have you tried?

I’ve always had sleep issues, so I have some suggestions:

Exercise, a lot

Establish a nightly routine

Only use your bedroom for sleep and sex (no tv, no phone)

Unplug everything and actually try to sleep, don’t watch tv until you drift off, don’t play on phone, etc…just turn everything that produces light and lay in darkness.

Try a white noise machine and fan

And finally, talk to your doctor about some sleep aids, I tried all of them, the only thing that works long term is a routine, but you sound like you need something now, so maybe get your pdoc to write you for some ambien.

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Relive some tension through manual stimulation :wink:

It used to help me sleep and switch off, if that doesn’t work then maybe you need a sleep aid?

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The premise is that if you take a drug it has an effect in the body. If you take amphetamine or coke, or cannabis or alcohol, or antipsychotics it will alter your metabolic rate, so if you take the drug of caffeine in any form, be it coffee, tea or energy drinks that drug will cause insomnia. Thus, if you are taking any caffeine in addition to your ap then stop!

It is true that aps can cause insomnia, but stop taking caffeine and see if it helps.

I don’t take caffeine or AP or anything. and still can’t sleep

also crazy heart rate

The Dr gave me temazepam when I got to the stage that nothing worked and just before starting my AP I was given vallium, as I had burning in my chest and crazy heart rate!

Then you have to be at peace with the fact that you can’t sleep. An exercise regimen, using bed only to sleep, cutting out all digital light i.e phones, laptops and alarm clocks to see what time it is is supposed to help. Not knowing what time it is allows the brain to go back to sleep and stop counting. Stopping counting is key to getting sleep, whether you believe you are getting enough sleep or not.

Go to bed only to sleep. Get up when you have to. go back when you have to. It takes a few weeks regimen to achieve it, no matter how tired you are in the day.

Other than that learn to meditate and quieten the mind to stop rumination and over thinking, but that takes a few weeks to take effect at 20 minutes twice a day.

AntiPsychotics’s can help you sleep too. You might need an AP or two to get to sleep. Go to a sliding scale Psychiatric clinic and get on AP’s if you have bipolar disorder or sz or sza.
And drink only decaf coffee and decaf pop. And no energy drinks. And no alcohol before bed. And no screen time one hour before bed. Exercise every day. Take 5- 6 mg Melatonin before bed every night. That helps me.

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