Can't sleep what do you do?


This is totally me tonight :crying_cat_face:

Cry ?why…

Stress and drama. This is the third night in a row.

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I had stress after work and drama when I got home. sleep from 5 to 7 then got up because it bet me too much.

Surf the net and say hello.

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Boo to stress and drama!

I stay awake. I ride it out. It has happened so much in my life. I used to panic, but I don’t anymore…I sleep when I can. For a while I took valerian root supplements, but didn’t do much. My husband takes ZQuil and I’ve taken that, but I don’t like to take stuff. It’s just an antihystamine though, so pretty mild. Good luck.

Good nights ps4 and here…bad nights pace the floor run outside because they want to kill me and hide or i panick.