Can't sleep suffering from panic/anxiety attack

My heart is racing, I feel a pang of discomfort in my chest, can’t swallow or breathe, crying, depressed everytime i want to sleep i think some unwanted thought and then my heart would race. Took one lorazapam it didn’t help, taking another one. Feel people inside my body, can’t sleep terrorized by my intrusive thoughts.

Try playing upbeat instrumental music with lots of notes. If there are no words it won’t remind you of anything and if it is upbeat and not a sad or angry tune it will help you think about happy things. If it has lots of notes it helps you block out your thoughts because every time you hear a note you have to pay attention to it to hear it. Another thing that helps is if you crochet or do something repetitive with your hands. String beads or something. In order to concentrate on what you are doing you can’t think about anything else. It will really help.

when having a panic attack try doing something different , splash cold water over your face, have a bath , warm milk , go for a walk, watch a comedy…you need to distract the mind.
sorry you are feeling this way.
take care