Can't sleep and waiting for daytime and made a decision

AFter a few hours when morning daylight comes, I am going to call the children’s hospital astma clinic and get an appointment for my son and tell them I don’t want to see the local allergist here anymore because It seems if things were right at the consults every six months, I shouldn’t have to be bothering and going to my pediatrician every week for help. Not to say he is bad doctor I am just thinking maybe children’s clinic can do a little better. There is nothing worse than your kid coughing and you throwing everything you were told to at the cough to no avail or an inhaler only working a couple hours when he is only allowed it every four. So, I’m up in the night and this is what I have decided. About only thing to do with sz is my doubting if I have the right to do this, and after asking my husband, yes I do. Oh he will be ok,saw the pediatrician yesterday, I just think we can do a little better somehow. desimb


great news they can see him as early as next week. Hoping they will know best. desimb