Can't seem to get my shit together

i don’t know what it is but ever since trying haldol, i’ve been suffering major avolition. i don’t know whether it’s a hangover from that drug or something more sinister but i can’t seem to shake it off. as some of you who know me know, i used to be pretty proactive around the house…not normal by any stretch of the imagination but i got things done. nowadays i’m finding that difficult to do. i can still load and unload the dishwasher, put a wash and dry on…but i’m finding the day to day activities difficult. it’s not like i don’t want to do these things, it’s more like avoidance because of trauma than typical avolition and it’s pissing me off big time. i guess i just need to try harder. right. today i’m going to tidy the kitchen, wipe down the sides, clear and wipe down the table, tidy my room, go shopping for a roast dinner ingredients, cook said roast and wash and dry the uniform…i have to get that level of functioning back because this paralysis is killing me. maybe i am over medicated??? i’m on 20mgs abilify…i don’t know…all i know is that i can’t go on doing virtually nothing. anybody else have these problems?

Maybe talk to your doctor @jaynebeal,what is the difference when you can get a lot of your housework done and that now your lack motivation to do the housework?Is it the change in medication causing that,is it lifestyle changes??Or do you had more stress that causes your current discomfort?

not a clue gtx. i was doing fine up till about 6 months ago then all of a sudden, bam! it’s like i got hit by an apathy truck…i mean i wasn’t great to begin with but got things done most of the time but ever since the haldol it’s like i can’t get my ■■■■ together and it’s really winding me up big time…never mind. i’ll see what i can get done today. going to omit the propanalol frommy meds and see if it’s that that’s causing the problem. fingers crossed. if nothing changes after a few weeks of omission then i’ll talk to the pdoc. thanks for your advice x

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I was on Haldol decoate for a period of years. I’ve also taken the oral Haldol. To me Haldol was a horrible drug. I didn’t live. I just existed, and it was a pretty bare existence. You shouldn’t have to take a drug that does things to you like you mentioned. There is a wide variety of alternatives. I’m on Geodon and Seroquel, and I feel so much better.

This is just me on the outside looking in… I remember you were missing a lot of nights sleep as your son was going through some hard times.

That seemed to hit about the same time as the med adjustment ???

Maybe family stress and loosing sleep… on top of med change on top of fighting the school on behalf of your son… on top of trying to keep up… I could imagine you feeling very stretched and out of battery power.

I know your a very independent person… I do hope you can ask some family for a little extra hand to catch up… recharge and feel better.

Please be kind to yourself… your an amazing person.


I have this problem too. Maybe it’s the disorder, maybe it’s not. Sometimes I get nothing done.

Jayne. I don’t think you should wait to contact your pdoc if you’re feeling that uncomfortable. unless he/she resents when a patient calls maybe you should get in touch with him soon. don’t be afraid of the pdoc–he’s there for you.


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I find myself doing nothing all the time Jayne, mine is situational depression. are you depressed deep down? I am fighting it but it’s only been recently that I’ve found a way to stay out of bed. good luck honey.

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it may well be that michael, plus ptsd. it’s very odd. on the surface i’m bright and happy most of the time and yet i can’t sleep at night because of fear. if i’m woken i get heart palpitations, a sort of startle response which isn’t normal. i think it’s a combination of both to be honest. thanks for your input x

it’s ok judy, i’ll get through this i think. besides which, i don’t think there is anything a pdoc can do besides dole out more drugs which is exactly what i don’t need. i’ll see how i go over the next few weeks on this dose and if nothing changes i’ll contact her. thanks for the advice hun x

Yeah, from what you’ve described it makes me think your depressed or anxious.

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**Im behind you @jaynebeal....take care of yourself-Ill be over for that pot roast! :wink: **

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yay hunni, i’d love to have you all over for dinner! makes me want to have a party lol.


In my book, you are an amazing person, Jaynebeal. You know the right thing to say and when to say it.

In my darkest days from my youth, there were times when I would shrug off isolation and take notice of folks busy with activity. It took me a long time to heal.

For you, I am hoping big time that breakthroughs in mental functioning will provide the changes needed by the end of the year. Heck, if our smart phones are equipped with holograms, a breakthrough in mental cognition is time.

And just as like to read about you and your Yorkshire Pudding, I would very much like to prepare Emeril Lagasse’s Chicken Breast Florentine with Dijon Mustard Cream Sauce and Lyonnaise Potatoes. I prepared this meal, veggie version for myself, for a Burmese friend of mine. Yu Yu asked my to be her roommate so that I would cook all her meals for her–lol. I declined and she got married and had a child. Emeril’s feasts are good!

If you square off one part of the day where isolation and the-- what I call-- heavy mind cannot interfere with, then that is your time to soak up all that good stuff we know as vibrant and uplifting.