Cant seem to be interested in more than one thing at a time

A joke in my family is how bitumin always has a new idea for a career or hobby every other day. Its been going on for years now, probably a few months after the dx i just cant have more than one hobby/career interest. And when i have that one thing i obsess over it and quickly burn myself out.

I personally think its because i want some structure, or to have something that i can always go to. Besides that its also because i want to be really good at something, but only that one thing so that i can be something of an expert on the subject.

Of course since nothing ever sticks i end up knowing a tiny bit about a lot of stuff, which is the opposite of what i want in life.

Anyone else have this? Did you overcome it? How?



I used to be like this. I found that I was excessively intense so I started finding ways to relax like walking on nature trails. I’d have myself do other things for short periods every day after the relaxing activity. Eventually I was able to be less intense about only 1 thing at a time. But I still naturally get intense, just not to the same extreme,

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My family says this about me too. I kinda think it is part of the illness as I never had this before I got ill. What has helped me was securing my place in something (I’m too deep into my current program in school to afford changing/doing something new) and just doing that. I just keep focused on that and change my hobbies every month or so. Also remember the old saying “jack of all trades, master of none” ends with “still better than the master of one”


I have something like this too. I get really intense about something and then lose interest for long enough that I forget what I learned. Last week, I jumped impressively upwards in my ability to use a graphics app that gave me a lot of relaxation. Was using for 5-6 hours per day and I posted some of my creations in the Creativity forum even. But for the last 4 days, I have felt no real motivation to use it at all. Or rather, when I want to use it, I feel both a physical and a mental tension. Maybe my brain is just tired of it and wants something new. I know new experiences are what bring light into my life. So sometimes the “Jack of all trades” option feels like the path for me…

Thanks for that @Air! I always thought jack of all trades was derogatory not complimentary…

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I’m like this to some extent. Theres many careers I want to pursue bit can never find one to fit. But my hobbies do this. I think for me ite because I am also autistic.

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