Can't remember the good things people say to me

I hear voices every waking hour. The evil voice is constantly laughing at me and tormenting me. I wish I could remember all the nice things people say to me, but I forget them after a while and all I can remember is the evil voice. I wish I could remember things. Does anyone else have this problem? People keep trying to help me and I feel better for a little while, but then the voice comes back and drowns everything out.


:hugs:have you gone inpatient before?

Yes, but I don’t like it.

I’m working with a psychiatrist.

Ok did you learn coping skills in hospital? What one usually works best for you. You have to take your mind off your mind.

You’re in a safe place, right? If you are know that people here care about you, and you can get through this.

Ive been there, trust me.

Thank you. I wish I could always remember the nice things people say.

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I’m not a dr but have learned to compartmentalizations when I have psychosis. For instance, my hallucinations don’t blink…I’m always fully aware of my surroundings so I know if “safe”. I’m not having hallucinations or hearing voices atm, but I’ve been dealing with them off and on for more than half my life and let them rule. Try to find something you enjoy to take your mind off of those evil voices cuz they’re mtf liars trying to bring you down. Excercise with my earbuds drowns them out, cooking baking just something to get off mind. Sometimes really hard to motivate when the voices can be overwhelming but you can if you realize they are not”reality” but they are yours. Do something and reward yourself. Teach those evil voices that you can survive and fight back. It’ll piss them off, but it’s you vs you. Meds help but hard work on training your mind through whatever you’re into helps.just remember you have friends here and we care

You have an illness that wants you to hate yourself. Most of us have that same problem.

Whatever this voice is that is tormenting you probably needs a lesson on treating others with dignity and learning to encourage people to have a healthy sense of self esteem, it sounds like its having some issues moving forward to a sense of compassion and empathy. Don’t ever forget that you can be compassionate and empathetic. You don’t have to let “them” define your reality. Trust me, I know it can be difficult, I’ve been through some difficult moments and the times where I felt the most hated and threatened only wanted to make me love others more. Now we know how it feels. You don’t deserve to feel reprimanded and unworthy of peace of mind. I care for you even though I don’t know you.

After my studies into schizophrenia I’ve grown a strong distaste for voices that don’t allow our autonomy, our sense of independence and feel the need to be so awful. I wish they were always encouraging, not in a false sense of security kind of way, but like you know… walk outside and hear em say “look at the beautiful birds.” “hey go smell that beautiful flower.” “hey you’re hurting yourself, maybe you should consider another alternative.” stuff like that, but I’m not sure why, sometimes we have that frustrating voice criticizing us and driving us mad.

I can only hope that, that lack of a sense of compassion and empathy can lead you to have compassion and empathy and realize you don’t have to let it define your sense of self worth. I have been through some difficult things and I can really resonate.

I heard a voice constantly threatening me that I never want to hear again, I wish that would never happen again to anybody. Encourage others when discouraged. Be strong when they struggle to make you feel weak. They are not the author of your actions.

maybe write down the nice things so when that voice disturbs you you can read all the nice things that have been said about you.


Yeah I can relate. It is a constant struggle to look at the better side of life because I have intrusive thoughts all day long. I forget how amazing life I have. I feel drained too.

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