Can't make my sleep schedule stable

Over the past two weeks my old sleep schedule was broken and can’t build up a new one because the time I woke up varied between 6am and 11 am. My body clock did not work properly which affected significantly the state of my mind. My mind was foggy during the day so that I could not do reading and writing. Life without a yield of productivity really sucks. Sigh


Routine is good. Sometimes for sleep it’s not a bad thing to take a pill. Wouldn’t recommend it for most but if you don’t abuse them it’s a valid option.

I go to sleep same time every night. I take the pills same time everyday /night and that is the key.

Take the pills same time and get some routine and talk to your doc if you need some help with sleep. It’s not easy but works for me!

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you can use melatonin. Also when you sleep you can tie a bandana or shirt around your head/eyes to block the light. It helps me sleep better/longer cause you wont get woken up by the light and will fall asleep quicker too. More darkness = more natural serotonin

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