Cant lose weight need advice

They upped my dose of invega now i gained 15 pounds im at 255 lbs now have sleep apnea n my new problem pain wene walking in lower back anything i should do i know i need to lose weight i feel stuck between a rock and a hard place as its hard to eat less n my sleep is not the best either


I lost all my extra weight I was once 355 and now I weight 185. I am on generic prolixin…you might try it if your meds make you want to eat.


What is prolixin comparable to you how do u feel on it

I have no side effects whatsoever, sexual, weight loss, all intact on fluphenazine, generic prolixin.


Oh wow thats awesome im glad it works so well im as about it

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Same, I posted a thread the other day about controlling appetite since the meds make us so hungry. Seems like caffeine works, I would try drinking more coffee or diet drinks instead of eating, seems to work

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Thanks for the advice

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No problem


I am on clozapine and Vraylar, and 2 years ago I was at 298 lbs. My primary care doc put me on metformin and Saxenda, and last week I weighed in at 238. It’s all helping but I hate how slow it’s going…I also still can’t have cookies or candy in the house at all cuz I know I’d still binge on them. But I went from a size 30 to a size 22, but I still want to lose a lot more.


Oh wow that gives me hope

İ m on trevicta and 6 mg weight is 115kg.unfortunately its very hard to give weight on have to exercises and strict diet

I’m working on starting with weight management myself. I missed an appointment in March, so I rescheduled it.

If you can afford it hire a fitness coach

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Or, if you are in the US and near a YMCA, I think they have coaches that will help you as part of your membership. I joined for the swimming pool because I can’t do other exercises with my joints.