Can't handle people and traffic

I had to go to the mall yesterday to return two shirts. It’s not my local mall. It’s in a busier area, and it’s a MUCH bigger mall with several parking garages arranged by color. It’s what I consider the expensive mall. If I fall into a big sum of money, it’s where I’d want to be to go shopping. Anyhow, hubby was driving, and I was freaking out after we got out of our area. There were so many cars! Then, we got to the mall, and it was a nightmare. Not parking (we got a good spot), but just finding the right area to be in, then walking to the store. I was panicking on the way home, too. I used to drive in the DC and Atlanta areas, and now I can’t even handle mall traffic when I’m not the driver?!

Anyone else experience this?


Not quite the same but I’m definitely a nervous passenger. (I don’t drive)

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Sorry about all that but if you drove you really be a mess. Just saying. Love peace and cheer. Zen


I do panic in situations where I am not familiar with the area. I get lost so easily. Heck, I can’t even find my way through my video games half the time, and I have a map in those! I am a good driver, but I blink too much from TD at the moment to be able to drive. :frowning:

I do get that way, too. I used to watch out the windows when someone else was driving, but it stressed me out too much. Now, I try to sit in the back seat and converse with whomever is driving. It calms me.

Wish I could help you more, hon.


im like that now. back in the day I was an aggressive driver and would zoom through the cities and busy traffic. but then I stopped driving for about 6 years, and now I get so nervous in traffic. I often get stuck in the slow lane and have a hard time switching lanes on the interstate. even my hometown with only 15,000-20,000 people is more traffic than I can take. so I only really drive in this little town here and still get nervous when im riding with dad to the city. dad was wanting to go see a Cincinnati reds baseball game last summer, and I didn’t want to go because it wasn’t worth dealing with the crowds and traffic. and I only drive in familiar places nowadays, whereas before I was much more adventurous and would explore foreign places with no trouble.


I used to be a confident driver but today I am nervous to drive.
I mainly do town driving close to my home.
I’m also a nervous passenger.

I am a wreck when my Dad drives.


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