Can't grow up

No kids no responsibility. Sleeping in the daytime. Not showering. Not cleaning my apartment. Not taking care of myself. At least I gave up drugs and alcohol.


You managed to do something. :+1:


You did enough.
Don’t blame yourself.
You will do more,
in time.


I’ve heard that when you have kids you start doing everything for their benefit. You get out of bed and take a hot shower because you want to take care of them. I’ve also heard people say that kids are over rated. Personally, I had some desire to have kids, but I never got around to it.

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I had trouble growing up when i was 17-21 as the schizophrenia was setting in. I still have trouble pushing myself to work full time which i think is more the medication fault. But i still work part time pay my bills and am a responsible adult. I quit drugs permanently at 18 but still use alcohol and tobacco on and off.

Sleep issues isnt about How grown up you are. @Jinx

I believe it reflects maturity to not wake up in the middle of the night and have a cup of coffee.

I have kids, but I’m not grown up. They certainly don’t make me wake up and take a shower. It’s been over a week…

I wouldn’t drink coffee in the middle of the night though.

But, I couldn’t clean up to save my life.

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