Can't get the help I actually need! Frustrated!

Aargh! When 5HTP was actually working, it had profound benefits to my mental health and brain function. But my system just won’t do anything with it! I know it’s not a delusion. My system just doesn’t produce it for whatever reason. My hypothesis was a deficiency of the TPH (Tryptophan Hydroxylase) enzyme.

Went to doctors. It’s a medical problem too. Cardiovascular problems, wounds not healing right, joint problems. The doctors won’t help me. Doctor refers me to the shrink saying they would test me. I called the office. They don’t do testing. Just meds. I’ll take my damn meds, but I want what I really need too. Was ready to recover from 23 years of bulimia and anorexia while I was blowing thru expensive serotonin supplements. I ran out and relapsed. I’m so PO’d.

Now I’m trying universities-psychiatric research departments. They wont answer my calls. Hopefully when I get thru algebra, chemistry, and biochemistry, I can make my own serotonin. Until then, it’s back to the ■■■■.
I’m so PO’d!

Upped my meds, trying to get stable from a crazy manic/pseudo-psychotic episode. Got to. When I get there, anhedonia will likely trigger me into depression. This stinks!

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It’s difficult to say look to yourself for answers when you are lost. Can you find a sliver of yourself enough to start believing in yourself?

So sorry you are dealing with all of this. Hope your meds will help. Hang tough OO