Can't get rid of cravings

I just can’t stop thinking about coconut pudding. I don’t want to go shopping tonight mostly because there is a hockey game on tonight.
Is it normal to be craving something and eat a bunch of other stuff hoping it will go away.?

I get cravings like that. I think it only happens if I’ve let myself go hungry for a few hours.

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I do that. Chewing gum sometimes helps me get through a craving, but if I start eating other things in attempt to forget about the original food, I end up eating way more than I would have if I just gave into the craving.

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If I had coconut pudding I’d definitely eat it but unfortunately I don’t. I have an order in for pick up service tomorrow afternoon that I has my pudding. Dessert for supper tomorrow.
Ack! I just remembered there is a piece of strawberry cheesecake in the fridge. Should eat that!


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