Can't get out of this funk

All the limbos of breaking up. Thus it should be. Has never been brought. And all the while I sit and wait. I could be doing, but I hesitate. Missing someone who don’t want to be missed. Leaves me confused. Within the mist. For lovers that’s lost. The feelings inside. Why do I remember the things I hide? And now that I’m all alone. This Funk. It grows. And how do I break the spell that I’m in?


Helping others makes us most happy

Give up the funk!
Jack your body
The wiggly worm!

Maybe getting a Hobbie will help, find something your interested in. :thinking:

Take care of yourself best you can.
Be nice to yourself.

Watch tv with favourite people.
Surround with as good a things as can.
Eat delicious nice food.

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