Can't even watch tv or read a book

Everything feels like it’s talking to me. I’m in a provincial psychiatric hospital at the moment. I was diagnosed schizophrenic but got into hard drugs with a friend who introduced me. I get so paranoid. I’m always able to say “this is odd thinking”. And rarely if ever sound confused, so the doctors don’t seem to be giving me the right meds… I have insight therefore I just need to come up with coping strategies. Doctors spend 2-3 minutes talking to me and move on. I’m on 100mg invega injection, 6 mg invega oral, epival, clozaril 75mg…don’t know why such a low dose of clozaril, don’t see how that small bit of clozapine could do much. I have prns for 5mg olanzapine. Little do they know I was taking 30mg zyprexa outside before I came in…they gave me Vyvanse 20mg because I asked for it repeatedly. But the side effects from it may be making me worse.

How do you guys cope? Or are you like me and are mostly struggling with neg. Thoughts and negative symptoms.?

Also I feel really disconnected to people. Sometimes I feel like they can read my mind and are talking about me in some sort of code. Codes and language come up often for me.

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