Can't drink

I just went out and had two double rum and cokes. By the time I was done I was fully symptomatic. That’s a lesson learned. I didn’t even get buzzed just drunk and paranoid in public. Was a waste of 10 bucks in my mind.


I had to learn the hard way too, with marijuana.

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I can’t drink either, don’t even want to try. Glad to leave that life behind. Can’t smoke pot either. Glad not to have the paranoia spikes and the crumbling of stability.

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drinking with meds is bad anyway for your liver…

Not only your liver, but alcohol invalidates meds.

I can have one beer and be OK most of the time. I always go to bed afterwards. But yeah, I noticed after a few drinks I got a little symptomatic one time. But then if I get shitfaced I lose my symptoms and feel numb, emotionally and physically. When I get shitfaced I say stupid ■■■■ and think everything and everyone is a joke.

It’s best to have just one drink if you’re going to drink…last night I had one beer with my buddies and was ok, i went to bed shortly afterwards, no symptoms, just a little more relaxed… But one time I had a beer and kept thinking my friends were saying things behind my back. It’s weird.

But generally speaking, alcohol DOES invalidate meds. One drink is probably not going to set you off, but 4 probably will.

Just stay away from alcohol if it sets you off. I can only have one beer. To me it’s not even worth it, I sort of gave up on alcohol, it was effective medicine when I wasnt on an antipsychotic, now its potentially catastrophic. Last time I got shitfaced, I went beyond the “dont-care” point and into “life is a ■■■■■■■ joke” area and woke up with a hangover from hell, my friends visited me the next day and took care of me and told me that I should just have one beer from then on.

But yeah dude, if you’re on meds its bad, just have one if youre gonna drink at all. If you’re NOT on meds, its very similar to antipsychotics in high doses, it works like a major tranquilizer, which is what all antipsychotics are.

its cheaper to give alcohol up anyway