Can't do a desired activity?

I don’t use PC anymore because my brain cant process how to use a PC. I found out by turning it off I could use game consoles a lot easier and use a smart TV.

The only thing i can use if even i cant do that to assume my ability to focus!

This works really good for me! What works for you?


I dont really use pc’s anymore. I just stick to my phone for everything and xbox series x for gaming.


Tv for some reason.

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But can shop. 15 characters

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I always use my phone for everything, seems like it can do most of what a PC can nowadays, if not that’s kinda rare

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I use my computer lots.

Listening to my favorite music can help distract me from stupid ■■■■ my brain loves throwing at me. or sometimes i ask my friends to call me on the phone or voice chat so i can hear their voice. For me their voice can calm me down when i’m feeling icky.

these arent the most reliable coping methods since one requires a friend to be present, and the other requires working internet (so i can play the music), but idk. hope this helps

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Trying again the next day and the one after.

You have to push past the illness.

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