Cant change the future, cant change the past

I was replying to daydreamer. I was playing devils advocate. My point was that if you look at all that’s happened in history, it’s hard to say if there is some pattern of predermination. It depends on how you look at it. Was Charlemagne destinied to conquer all the countries he did? If so, you have to ask why. What’s the point of making all those people die in foriegn lands under his rule? If there’s pre-destiny why do some people have so much while other people have so little?
This is not my best thinking, just some musings.

everything that has happened i am saying has happened for a reason, everything has led to this point, if things were any different you would not be here, we make our own history and our own future but whatever happens happens and that is the way it is meant to be, i dont think we can change it, its just the way it is,

You’re saying every single action, every little incident is all planned out? I guess we disagree.

idk about planned out but it was meant to happen, if it didnt happen the way it happened then it wouldnt have happened if you know what i mean

And you’re saying that it’s God who made everything happen for a reason? What if you don’t believe in God?

I don’t get it.
what difference does it make if you don’t know what will happen even for the next five minutes?

if you dont know then you dont know, you were supposed to not know until you work out what you want to do then you do that

It’s a pachinko machine. Very elaborate one at that.

You will have to make a decision in 2018… dun dun dun :blush:

We cannot predict the future but we are responsible for it. If I was to live my past all over again under the same circumstances i wouldn’t change a thing because I wouldn’t have known how to live it differently. I’m living with my mistakes from the past and I try to be responsible today in order to live a better life tomorrow.


Maybe there are two kinds of history: personal and group?

if you think about it, there is no future

just whatever happens

and nothing we can do can change that

There is no time at all. It’s just one thing that changes at a constant rate.

The past is not recorded in anything but it’s trace evidences left behind physically.

Semantics. There’s a future.

apparently God knows what we are going to do before we even do it,

Total ■■■■■■■■ man.

is it,

why do you think that?

My response here doesn’t matter.

It’s just obviously not.

To me at least.

Believe whatever you want.

he knew you would say that lol

That’s great man.