Cant change the future, cant change the past

cant change the future bc it has already been written just like the past,

everything we do now was meant to happen and we cant change it

what do you think?

I think we can change the future by how we live today.

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I have pondered this often. If there is no destiny what is deju vu? Or no free will at that?

Lately my head is in the future - My therapist told me to stop thinking of the future, because we cannot control the future, and no one knows what will happen.

Being in the now, is part of Mindfulness - trying to experience what is happening at the present moment and stopping to live in the past or future is truly a gift

its like everything thats happened was supposed to happen

and we cant do anything to change that type thinking

what has been has been and we dont know what happens in the future

but whatever happens happens the way it was supposed to

we might not like the way it is going to happen but we have no choice


I’m a firm believer that people can change their direction.

My Mom has always said… “Do what you always have done and you will get what you have always gotten”

People are influenced by new experiences… new input. If that input inspires a different out put then change is in motion.

I don’t believe the future is predestined.

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I changed my future. I suggest making commitments instead of excuses.

See how far it takes you. You might end up somewhere you never even thought of. Somewhere better than where you have been before and where you are now.

People fail to realize that I used to be so sick that I was disgusting. If anyone thinks I’m disgusting today, oh boy, you know nothing.

If that were the case there would really be no point.

Life will do what it wants with you though if you only follow the path of least resistance.

You can do whatever you want whenever you and you still believe in fate?

You can change yourself. You can change your circumstances. You can change the circumstances of others.



It seems like sometimes in life that chaos reigns and that things happen for no reason and that life is random and there’s a LOT of people who don’t what they are doing. And life is unpredictable. Don’t these facts rule out any kind of predestined future? People go backward and forward. life ebbs and flows. I can’t believe that chaos and random events are some kind of predestined plan. Chaos and pre-destiny is an oxymoron.

This calls for the AA Serenity Prayer - “God, help me to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” You might not be able to change some things in the future, but a lot of things you can. You can change things like your getting a heart attack by restricting your cholesterol. You can make your retirement more comfortable by planning ahead. A lot of things in the future you can change.

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I wasnt saying change cannot happen, I was saying it is supposed to happen, whatever happens is meant to happen like even if you change direction in life or circumstances it is what it is, the future.

Then it is in the past, a memory, I think it all happens so fast like in the blink of an eye before, now and after,


I think the future is causally determined, that is to say no events will occur without a cause. If you were to list these causes, no act of the will would show up among them. I do not think the will is a causal factor in the whole system. Nevertheless, you can act freely or not. If some series of actions doesn’t come as a surprise it will feel as if they were acted out of free will. I’d say free will is an attituted towards actions, but not an act itself. Problems occur when conceiving of the will as some sort of entity.

But you can change the present.

Thich Naht Hanh showed that me that the past is made up of pictures. We don’t want to regretfully process the past or anticipate fearfully the future.
It’s a good idea to make plans.
The law of Karma gives us freedom of action. The law of Sin predetermines everything, although you can ask God for forgiveness.

Well look at history. Was everything that happened in history predetermined at one time. That’s basically what your saying.

Sounds like some of my Presbyterian relatives.

I’m not saying it was all predetermined. It happened. That’s what makes it history. Words!