Can't afford meds

I am taking latuda, and I feel and think almost as well as I did before I was diagnosed. The problem is that it is going to cost $300 in the medicare gap and I won’t be able to afford it. I am kind of stressing about changing meds because I have had to live with some terrible side effects for years because I couldn’t afford the newer medications. Imagine walking ten miles in your house everyday because you can’t sit still.

Geodon gave me killer insomnia that lasted for months, zyprexa caused me to gain 50 pounds.

The only other medications I can afford are risperdal, seroquel, or a typical. The better options cause weight gain and can worsen diabetes (I am pre diabetic as it is). I am going to try risperdal first. I don’t see my doctor for another month and I have a lot of anxiety.

I don’t qualify for Sunovian’s patient assistance program because of part d. My psychiatrist’s assistant said the sales rep has a limit on the number of samples he can bring. I literally have no way to get the medication in a way that I can afford.

Just kind of bummed out because things were going so well. I am afraid I am going to go back to being a zombie on risperdal.

Have you heard of the Extra Help program offered by SSA? It pays the gap for your Part D covered meds.

I pay $2.55 for generics and $6.55 for brands like Latuda.

Here’s a link to the program:

I hope this helps you!



Most pharma companies have some type of programs to get their medications to people who can’t afford them.

Here is some information that may be of help:

See the following brochure for more information too:

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I have full blown diabetes type 2 - I am on metformin, and have been eating relatively healthy but can do better. I walk everyday and my blood sugar levels are higher than before. I now am on Risperdal and I will tell you it is a potent usually effective older atypical antipsychotic. Its great for the mind but in my opinion has a lot of side effects - like worsening blood sugar levels, worsening lipid profile , sexual side effects (retrograde ejaculation) High prolactin levels etc … In my opinion it does not turn you into a zombie or has that zoned out effect at lower doses below 3mg - everyone is different. I think Im going to go for Latuda as it has good antidepressant properties as well as not messing with your physical health as much. Its a chance I might have to take

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I am not eligible for sunovion’s support program or extra help. Sunovian turned me down because I have part D, and my disability check is over the limit for extra help.

I am willing to bet my doctor is going to want me to take 3-4mg a day. I will try to talk him into starting at 2, but I don’t know if I can convince him. I just hope I don’t feel tired all the damn time like I did with zyprexa.

would it be more affordable to buy a supplemental plan with medicare?? i’m sure it would still be a lot or maybe that is what you have right now??

Do you work part time? My state offers a supplemental plan for people with disabilities that work.

I thought Obamacare fixed this kind of stuff…not that I know alot about politics, I just see all these promos saying “John used to spend 300$ a month on medical crap. Now he pays 50$”.

But thats just my education about politics from Obama’s facebook page

He’s on medicare not obamacare.

The affordable care act fixes this in 2020. Which is 2 years too late to make any difference because latuda goes generic in 2018.

what do you mean it fixes this?? does it provide supplemental insurance in 2020?? or better drug coverage??.

you could try invega?? i’m on invega and like it. I’ve been on it 4 years. it’s going generic this spring.

forget it i found this.

You could try rxoutreach. I can’t give the website because it’s my first post. It’s an .org address.

They are a legitimate program out of st Louis, Missouri. I got risperidal for $45 for a three month supply. An $850 savings.

You just get your dr to send the prescription directly and once you pay, they send it within 10 days.

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I looked up RX outreach. Latuda isn’t on their formulary :(.

Bummer. I’m sorry to hear that.

I have to go of of latuda because we had to change our insurance. It now would cost me1300 with a latuda discount or1400 without it

I tried to enroll in a medicare supplemental program. They asked me what med’s I take, and when I reeled off my psychotropic med’s they said they didn’t accept people who took those med’s. You might could find a medicare supplemental program that takes sz’s, but it would probably be expensive.

Obamacare is ■■■■ unless your incredibly poor and have good reason for it. Still about a quarter grand a month for most people.

It’s not unified either. It operates just like any other health insurance site.

You can find private insurance for cheaper but that stuff sucks too.

It’s illegal to be without insurance so it’s pretty much ■■■■■■ now.

I know you mentioned your doctor said they limited supplies of the drug samples, but can you get them to work with you? When I couldn’t afford my Seroquel my doctor got me in with the company and they sent her my medication supply for the month and I’d go and pick it up. It was like getting samples, it was just addressed in my name. Maybe your doctor can look into that?

You said you tried applying for the supplemental, was that with or without your doctor’s help? Mine was really helpful getting me help with my medication until I got on medicare.

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My doc had their own program for getting meds, but being on disability disqualified me from it.