Can't access emojis

Hello, when I press the smilie face button to insert an emoji, my screen goes dark grey and no smilies come up. I have to click on the screen off the grey part to get it to go away. This has been happening for a couple of months. I’ve closed down my browser, restarted my computer several times etc and nothing has fixed it. I just don’t have access to emoji’s that don’t come up when I enter “:

Thank you

Have you tried different browsers? It’s working for me on the mobile version of the site btw.

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I’ll try it on the mobile version on the tram to work.

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:sob: I can only access them on my phone and this site is terrible on my phone.

What browser are you using on your computer? When was the last time you updated it?

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Firefox. Last updated this morning.

Sometimes i get the impression that the developers only test this site on the chrome browser.

I know it’s not an ideal solution, but you could download chrome and try it.

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I don’t want emojis bad enough to use chrome. Yuck.

Thanks for talking it out with me though.

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Accessing this site with Google Chrome on mobile Android screen is not a pleasant experience. I have to rotate the screen horizontally then vertically in order to type at the text box.
Reading posts on this site on mobile devices is fine.

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I can’t create new posts on the mobile site. I can’t select a category and I don’t have a proper sized text box when I type my message.

But I can read the forum on my mobile alright. and I seem to be able to respond to messages ok on the mobile site. I just can’t create new topics.

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Perhaps they are busy. Emojis have other lives too and don’t just stick around in your computer when they get called to do something else. Perhaps, they’ll return when they are not so busy… like now :smiley:


lol! I’m too demanding of emojis, I like it!

Mine works fine on Firefox on PC.

That’s the problem on smaller Android screen. I tested it on iPad and no such issues encountered.

I think you have to tap the category and select any of it real fast. Once you have selected the category, tap and hold the drop down list to select again the desired category.
As for the improper sized text box, I do it by changing the screen orientation for two or three times until you see the cursor blinking in the text box. For smaller screen, it is almost impossible to create new topics.


Thanks @Plumber you’re a pal! Mine works fine on my samsung tablet as well, just my mobile doesn’t work. I’ll try rotating the screen a few times next time I want to create a new topic on my phone.

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These are also the tricks I use when accessing the site on my iPhone. I don’t know why the mobile site is so glitchy.

Is anyone else having trouble with the emojis? I can use them on Chrome, but I haven’t tried with Firefox.

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