Can't absorb bad vibes

I am fighting a new gift from the head circus.

Maybe it’s something that has been happening all along but my ability to read/ listen and understand seems to go right out the window when I’m reading or getting bad news.

I’ve read “War & Peace” and I got it. I’ve read “Les Misérables” and I got it.

But sometimes when I’m reading stuff that is upsetting, my brain stops understanding English. When someone is talking and what they say is something that is upsetting me, I don’t understand them anymore. I can not wrap my head around what they are trying to say or write. It happens on this forum sometimes too.

I’ve been sitting here reading the “midnight car letters” (the letters my youngest brother leaves all over my sisters car some time in the night/ every night) and yes, he is a good writer too. But I can NOT understand most of these letters. (there is no way he can be sleeping if he can churn out 5-10 multi-page letters every night)

I am reading these and I can’t even understand the basic concept. I also get this way some newspapers and web articles.

I’ve heard of selective listening… but selective comprehension? :elephant: :dromedary_camel: :circus_tent:

I have a similar problem with reading, basically my concentration is ■■■■, thus I just stay on these forums where its easty to keep engaged.

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Could it be that you are not understanding the point of view as apposed to not understanding the words? I don’t understand everything or everyone’s point of view here on this forum as I have not lived the experience. I can only try to understand things that I think I can relate to. I don’t think your understanding of English is the issue but perhaps that you can’t put yourself in his shoes to understand what he is trying to say. Does that make sense?

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Sort of like when I try and read articles about Expressed Emotion. I don’t get it at all. I really can not wrap my head around what they are on about. It’s a pure enigma. People do try and explain it to me. But for some reason when I go back and re-read… I don’t get it all over again.

I was also thinking back when my Dad used to set me down and very calmly and directly say… “J, please understand, you are a sibling, not a parent. I am the parent, not the…” my brain would shut down. I never remember the rest of that statement.

I can feel my brain shut down when I don’t want to hear something. I wonder if that happens to other people.

Oh yes, most definitely. It happens to my son quite often – when I see the glazed look come over him I just stop talking. If I have something really important to tell him that requires a lot of explanation I will text it to him. That seems to work out better for us.

I used to get side tracked in coversations easily and I had difficulty concentrating while reading some days, but I never just outright lost comprehension, I would just lose some of it. Like I would catch every other sentence of a conversation and just nod my head at the rest. Meds have fixed that for me. Even a low dose of Geodon had my cognitive functions fully restored. (60mg a day had be sharp as a tack, now I am on twice that)

But I had good days and bad days with cognitive impairments- some days I was fine, some days I had no clue what the professor just said and bombed the quiz the next day.

’ blokes ’ have a natural gift to tune out, especially emotional things that we don’t want to hear.
all we hear is " la la la la la… ". this is particularly heightened on our sz rainbow.
i feel intellectualy inferior to you, because you have read " war and peace " and " les mis " and you keep on using little icons at the end or during your stories !? !
i can barely find the punctuation on the key board, i have to use’ two ’ fingers at the same time !
but i do have a space ship in the back yard which does make me feel a ’ little ’ better !!
take care


J that is a wonderful attribute not being able to comprehend bad vibes. Am I interpreting you correctly? So you feel this coming on, and you do want to be able to comprehend upsetting stuff or not? Well when a person is in distress and is saying upsetting things. It’s likely that the person who is conveying their being upset is to blame. Because upset people are not very rational. Logical. Or reasonable. And are hard to understand. That is my take.

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I have stopped reading books because of my poor eye sight and my glaucoma. In the past I have read many books from cryptographic manuals to ‘war and peace’, but not any longer. I am fighting to keep my eye sight, but I am happy. My diabetes does not make things easier. Because English is not my native language, I have to check few words every now and then. In the past I have liked reading some realistic books. I had a rule in 2000 when I left Atlanta that I took just 20 books with me and I still have 20 books with me, although I have left behind hundreds of books and manuals.

I don’t mind not being able to comprehend bad vibes it’s just odd to me that all of a sudden it feels like I can not understand what the person is on about at all. I suddenly don’t understand the words.

I know I start to shut down when it’s something I don’t really want to hear. But it’s odd to me to shut down when it’s something I have a hard time understanding.

I have people shut down on me when I make the mistake of saying something blatantly obvious. Like when I make a comment and people say, I know. Why understand or make attempt to when you can shut it down? I wouldn’t worry about it.

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